Catering Menu
  • DIPS, CHIPS & VEGGIES – Our homemade guacamole & pico de gallo served w/ organic veggies, and whole grain chips – $ 69.99
  • FALAFEL BALLS – Our secret recipe, served with homemade tahini sauce for dipping –
    SM – $ 39.99, LG – $ 79.99
  • SHRIMP COCKTAIL PLATTER – Fresh shrimp steamed to perfection and served w/ our zesty cocktail sauce – 30pc – $ 59.99, 50pc – $ 99.99
  • HOMEMADE TURKEY MEATBALLS – A bite sized version of our signature turkey meatball served in homemade marinara sauce flavored with garlic and basil – SM – $ 39.99, LG – $ 79.99

The food you have before you have your food can really spark up the appetite. That is why they are called appetizers. Take your pick from an assortment: dips to crispers, veggies to turkey, platter to falafel. So, how about having that flying start(ers) to the party and easing your way into the main course?

  • AJs AVOCADO KALE – kale, black beans, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, red onion, avocado, & feta cheese, dressed in our homemade avocado dressing – SM – $ 49.99, LG – $ 69.99
  • THE DANCING GREEK – Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, black olives, & feta cheeses tossed together with a red wine vinaigrette, and finished with our homemade falafel balls – SM – $ 49.99, LG – $ 69.99
  • MEXICAN MAMBA – Romaine lettuce, pico de gallo, black beans, shredded, cheese, homemade guacamole, and crispy tortilla chips in an avocado dressing – SM – $ 59.99, LG – $ 79.99
  • CAESAR SALAD – Crispy organic romaine tossed together with our home-made Caesar dressing garnished with grape tomatoes, & shredded parmesan cheese – SM – $ 39.99, LG – $ 59.99

To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art. Hence, salads. Caesar, Mexican, or Greek, our salads are crisp to the core and cool as the cucumber. Loaded with freshest ingredients and solid dressings, our salads will sure have everyone at the gathering reaching for forks. Lettuce celebrate then?


  • MARSALA – Mushrooms, & marsala sauce
  • LEMON – Egg battered in lemon & wine salsa
  • BLACKENED – Seasoned & pan seared w/ mango salsa
  • GRILLED FAJITA – Seasoned w/ peppers, & onions
  • APRICOT – Sweet apricots, & zesty ginger
  • CURRY – Tomato, coconut milk, & chilis
  • FULL TRAY $ 119.99 – ½ TRAY $ 59.99

  • WILD CAUGHT SALMON FILET prepared your way.
  • GRILLED – w/ lemon & wine
  • CAJUN STYLE – full flavored w/ our 12 – spice blend
  • HONEY MUSTARD GLAZED – stone ground mustard
  • FULL TRAY $ 139 – ½ TRAY – $ 69.99

  • COLOSSAL FRESH SHRIMP fresh 12 / 15 wild caught shrimp
  • MARINARA – Plum tomatoes w/ garlic $ fresh basil
  • SACAMPI – Garlic, white wine, & butter
  • BROCCOLI O & G – EVOO , garlic & broccoli florets
  • FULL TRAY $ 129 – ½ TRAY $ 64.99

  • EGG PLANT PARMESAN – layers of breaded eggplant, marinara sauce, and mozzarella baked together – SM – $ 44.99, LG – $ 89.99
  • VEGETABLE LASAGNA – whole wheat pasta, organic veggies, homemade pomodoro sauce, and mozzarella cheese, a healthy twist on an old favorite – SM – $ 44.99, LG – $ 89.99
  • WHOLE WHEAT PASTA & VEGGIES – 100 % whole grain pasta, seasonal organic veggies, plum tomatoes, garlic, and herbs, nutritious meets delicious – SM – $ 34.99, LG – $ 69.99

What’s a party without a few hot entrées? Everybody loves them. All natural chicken, wild caught salmon, or colossal shrimp, prepared in any way you want, with fresh organic veggies you like. Or simply go for the lasagne or the whole-wheat pasta prepared in choicest ingredients to spoil your guests with choice.

  • A perfect flavor combination of whole grains, farm fresh organic veggies, lean proteins, & our home-made sauces. So delicious you will forget you are eating healthy $ 79.99
  • HIT THE ROAD JACK – Black beans, pico de gallo shredded cheddar, guacamole, together with our hot cherry pepper sauce.
  • 7th STREET BOWL – Brussel sprouts, mushrooms, onions, mixed peppers, and our sesame ginger sauce, a great treat from 7th street.
  • THAI ZINGER – kale, cabbage, shredded Brussel sprouts, roasted red peppers, finished off with scallions and our sweet chili sauce.
  • GREEK GODDESS – spinach, chickpeas, red onion, grape tomatoes, olives, & feta in our roasted garlic sauce.
  • Add grilled chicken $29.99 – add grilled shrimp $ 49.99

Our organic bowls are so full of flavours your guests will forget they are eating healthy. Each of the bowls is loaded with farm-fresh organic veggies, whole grains, homemade sauces, lean proteins and to top it all off, chicken or shrimp. After all, it’s a party. Everybody likes to have a ball. Or shall we say – Bowl.

  • WRAP PLATTER – An assortment of our signature wraps arranged on a platter – 10 wraps – $ 99.99, 12 wraps – $ 119.99
  • SLIDERS – Our unique homemade salads, chicken, tuna, eggless salad, grilled honey mustard chicken, and quinoa tuna served with mini whole grain rolls, shredded lettuce, and dice tomatoes – SM – $ 79.99, LG – $ 99.99
  • PITA SAMPLER – A selection of our famous homemade patties, loaded into whole wheat pitas, cod fish cool, sweet potato sweetness, garden goodness, and fab falafel – 10 pitas – $ 99.99

We understand parties and get-togethers. We know just how impractical it is sometimes to sit down and have a meal (unless everybody else is too) when you’re on the go and meeting people right, left and centre. Enter some of your handheld favourites. We’ll wrap it up, roll it in, and arrange it all up on a platter.

$ 32.99


$ 35.99


Small in portion but large in taste, they will keep the people munching. Salads, slaws, noodles, pasta with the freshest of veggies and fruits: kale, mangoes, avocados, beets, potatoes and more. From farm to platter to fork, our cold side dishes will find a way into everybody’s good side.

SMALL – $ 39.99 – LARGE – $ 59.99


Don’t the hot entrées deserve a few hot sidekicks? Roasts, rice pilaf, brussels sprouts, bean chilli and more, with the freshest of veggies. From farm to platter to fork and cooked to perfection in between, our hot side dishes will make it difficult for your guests to put their hands off of.

Complete packages leave your catering needs to us.
Minimum 10 guests

  • MEET & GREET – A selection of sandwiches, available in whole wheat wraps, multi grain bread, or whole wheat pita pockets loaded with our signature sandwich recipes $ 15.99 per person
  • THE BOARD MEETING – Our sandwich platter selection served with your choice of signature salad, & cold side salads. Choose cold sesame noodles, kale slaw, chick pea salad, beet & mango salad, or kale & avocado $ 17.99 per person
  • WELL DRESSED TO IMPRESS – A hot meal package served with your choice of chicken dish – lemon, marsala, curry, or apricot. Choice of quinoa w/ veggies, pasta w/ seasonal veggies, or brown rice & veggies pilaf. Choose one of our signature salads & water bottles & you are ready to impress $ 21.99 per person

All packages include paper goods

Those power meetings call for equally powerful meals. Be it a semi-casual meet and greet, that all important board meeting, or that good impression you can’t afford to ruin, in terms of food, we have your back. Sandwiches, pita pockets, platters, salads, noodles, brown rice pilaf, all served with farm-fresh organic veggies and your choice of chicken dish.

  • SEASONAL FRESH CUT FRUITSM – $ 29.99, LG – $ 39.99

We’re all about happily-ever-afters. It simply isn’t a happy ending if there isn’t any dessert served at the end of the party. Icing on the cake if it is healthy too. Pun intended. From gluten-free cake platter to fresh fruit salad and homemade granola and power balls with the choicest of ingredients, we love to make guests leave on sweet note.

About Us
The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison, Ann Wingmore rightly said. In this busy lifestyle of ours and the fast-changing world, it is quite easy to forget that our bodies are our real homes. When they crumble, the world around us crumbles. The food choices that we make so casually on a day-to-day basis are now more important than ever. We need to keep those foundations strong. Remember, the food will look after you when you give it a food for thought.
We, at Food For Thought Garden City, have been relentlessly doing so for almost three decades and will continue to do so for many more to come. We truly believe that healthy eating is the way of life and in doing so you don’t have to compromise on the taste. Which is why, in everything we serve, you will always find the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, prepared right in front of you with the choicest of ingredients, fresh, unprocessed, and flavourful. So you can be sure that every choice you make with us will be the right choice.
Our one-of-a-kind menu is a carefully thought of assortment of mouth-watering, healthy delicacies. Our freshly-pressed juices, smoothies, elixirs are made to order and served one-standard. Our salad station—homemade dressings and fresh veggies— is second to none. Our sandwich station offers a variety of wraps, buns and breads, whereas our bowl station allows you to create your own with unique, flavourful toppings. There’s omelettes made of free-range eggs, chicken that is anti-biotic free, and desserts and ACAI bowls that are guilt-free. And more!
We are open every day, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner to all who don’t like to compromise when it comes to a good old fashioned mealtime. We look forward to meeting you!
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